Argyle Black 在香港開設網上肉店!Argyle Black opens online Butchers Shop in Hong Kong with a Bang!



The Butchers Club和Pacific Gourmet的創始人Jonathan Glover最近與Argyle Prestige Meats的Graham兄弟合作創建了一個名為“Argyle Black Wholesale Butchers”的創新網上平台。該網店歡迎廚師和食家們直接購買來自澳洲新南威爾士州農場的優質牛肉和羊肉。我們也提供快遞服務將貨品送到香港指定目的地。

Jonathan Glover及Graham兄弟的合作削減了所有中間人的費用和時間,以相宜的價錢供應物超所值的高質牛肉及羊肉。顧客可參考網站提供的專業食譜,把來源有保證的高質素原材料製作成媲美餐廳水準的美食。

Jonathan Glover the founder of The Butchers Club and Pacific Gourmet has recently teamed up with the Graham brothers of Argyle Prestige Meats to create a new and innovative online platform called ‘Argyle Black Wholesale Butchers’ The online store allows chef and households to purchase premium quality beef and lamb, direct from the Farms in New South Wales in Australia and have it delivered to their homes, offices or restaurants anywhere in Hong Kong.

They have managed to cut out all of the middlemen and arrive at quality and pricing that is unparalleled in the city. The site also has expertly written recipes and tips on how to prepare and cook the meat in both video and written forms so that customers that are not professional chefs can also prepare restaurant quality meals with the peace of mind that they know exactly where the products have come from and that they are working with the very best possible raw materials.


Argyle Pastrol在新南威爾士州西南面土地肥沃的山坡,經營著一家大型農業垂直整合企業,擁有歷史悠久的安格斯牛種源、養殖肥美的牛群。在Argyle Pastoral裡,所飼養的牛隻,均源自澳洲最古老遺傳的安格斯牛。Graham家族採用高標準的飼養方式養育牛羊,歷年來獲獎無數。包括:Australian Farmer of The Year and Silver Sydney Royal at the 2016 Fine Food Show。

About The Farms

Argyle Pastoral operates a large scale mixed farming enterprise on the fertile south west slopes of New South Wales, with a historic Black Angus stud and commercial breeding and fattening program. The cattle that run on the Argyle Pastoral property are from one of the oldest genetic lines of Angus in Australia. The aproach that Argyle take has resulted in numerous awards including; Australian Farmer of The Year and Silver Sydney Royal at the 2016 Fine Food Show.


Argyle Black挑選上乘的牛肉在網上商店中出售。草飼牛的油花分布必須達到MS1-2級、穀飼牛的油花分布必須達到MS2-3級,牛肉以濕式熟成方法在真空密封包裝內熟成長達30天,以確保牛肉保持最佳的嫩度。我們提供受歡迎的不同牛肉部位,分別有草飼、穀飼和和牛可供選擇。以垂直整合業務的方式,黑安格斯牛在我們的自家農場育成、在自家屠宰場加工,並從獲認可的機構出口。我們的產品從牛隻出生開始直至貨物送到府上的過程圴可追溯。

About The Beef

Only the best of the best beef is hand selected for the Online Store, cuts must reach a marble score of 1-2 for grass fed and 2-3 for grain fed and are then wet aged for up to 30 days to ensure optimum tenderness. We offer the choice of; Grass Fed, Grain Fed and Wagyu beef in all of the popular cuts. A Vertically integrated business, the cattle is raised on our Gourmet farms, processed in our own factories and exported from our own accredited facilities. This means we can trace our beef from the moment it was born to the day it is delivered to your home or restaurant.


Argyle Black與Nockies Palette Wines合作,為顧客提供精選的葡萄酒,配對我們的牛肉和海鮮。Michael Nock對優質葡萄酒的熱愛與對藝術的熱誠結合起來,創立了Nockies Palette Wines。他認為正如「藝術家」創造出的偉大藝術品一樣,將「工匠釀酒師」與澳洲地區最肥沃的「土地」相連結,可以釀製出最佳的葡萄酒。他的願景是將優秀的釀酒師和肥沃的土地連結起來去種植特定的葡萄品種。因此,在2009年他與傳奇葡萄酒製造商John Duval建立了合作關係,John Duval二十年來他一直是Penfolds的主要葡萄酒生產商,生產世界頂級紅酒。

他們共同生產的第一款葡萄酒來自Barossa Valley酒體飽滿、味道優雅的Shiraz葡萄酒。如果特定年份的葡萄達不到他們要求的高標準,那麼Nockies Palette會放棄這個年份葡萄酒。這就是沒有2011年或2014年Shiraz的原因。


Nockies Palette Wines將澳洲本地藝術家如Euan Macleod,Reg Mombassa和John Peart的作品加入葡萄酒的標籤中。隨著Nockies Palette Wines創作更多優質葡萄酒,將會加強與更多藝術家合作並加添美酒的色彩(wine palette)。

About The Wine

Argyle Black have partnered with Nockies Palette Wines to provide customers with a selection of wines that have been expertly chosen to be paired with our beef cuts and seafood. Nockies Palette Wines was created with a vision to combine Michael Nock’s love of good wine with his passion for Art. He believes that just as great works of art are created by the “artist” so great wines could be crafted by combining the “artisan winemaker” with the best “terroir” in the Australasian region. His vision was to combine great winemakers with the best regions to grow specific grape varieties. So, in 2009 he formed a relationship with legendary wine maker John Duval who for two decades was the chief wine maker at Penfolds making some of the world’s top red wines.

The first wine they produced together was a full bodied, elegant Shiraz from the Barossa Valley. If the fruit in a particular vintage was not up to the high standards they required then Nockies Palette Wines would forgo a vintage, which is why there is no 2011 or 2014 Shiraz.

The idea was to build a “palette” of wines through the discerning use of “palate”. The labeling of the wine would have an “Art” theme by incorporating artworks from some of Australasian’s leading artists such as Euan Macleod, Reg Mombassa and John Peart. He will continue to expand the compilation of artists and artworks for wine labels as the “wine palette” offering expands.


Argyle Black於2018年12月中旬推出,已經銷售超過500家餐廳和家庭用戶。隨著優質的澳州海鮮和更多的葡萄酒將會添加到網上商店銷售,Argyle Black的營運將會擴展,今年將會陸續推廣至新加坡、曼谷和悉尼。

About The Future

Argyle Black launched mid December 2018 and has already supplied over 500 happy restaurant and home users. The range will continue to expand with premium Australian Seafood and more Wine labels being added to the store, and the business model is set to be expanded into Singapore, Bangkok and Sydney this year too。

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